Philly Cheese Steaks

From: Fatty flavour
Category: Consumer
Date: 01 May 2005


This is an approxiamation of an idea of something I have never tasted originally.

Slice up really thin a rub eye steak, season with chilli flakes, pepper, soy sauce.

Fry some onions and mushrooms till golden.

Get a nice roll ready, soft inside, not too crusty out. Not Ciabatta or French, not a hamburger bun.

Fry the slices of steak in vegetable oil, forming them in the pan into a steak shaped mess, cook em until they're well done.

Place 4 of five kraft cheese slices on top of steak shape in pan, cover pan with plate to aid melting.(everyone recommends cheese whizz, which is sort of fake cheese spread, you heat it on micorwave, couldn't find it).

once melted remove onto roll, top with mushrooms and fried onions, (also can add pepper or hot little bell peppers).

eat and lose appetite for rest of day/life.