May Day

From: rev
Category: Art
Date: 03 May 2005


May those Labour ex- voters who vote Lib Dem get their just dessert: Michael asylum Howard as their primeminister. Their logic (if such a faculty they have) is that they want a more left wing government, yet few of these faint-hearts have ever glanced at the Liberal manifesto, and if their wet dream were to see daylight, and every socialist who voted labour in 01 were to vote libdem, then who would get in? (because conservatives are not going to vote for a party left of labour, so go figure).

May those who think this election is about the war realise that it is about the future, not an inevitable invasion (sans UK if we imagine a laughable liberal fantasy of the past with a worse unilateral US mess).

May someone who is voting Libdem actually tell me one of their policies which they like besides selfrighteousness.

May someone tell me why they want Kennedy as their king.

May people not act as newspapered herd all baahing how awful blair is, and just think for themselves for a moment about the last years.