Three Films I watched a bit of: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Interpreter, Be Cool

From: marker
Category: Films
Date: 03 May 2005


Why are most movies so bad? People spend a lot of time and money making them, and want them to make money and be great, and they turn out as big crappy stinking dumb messes.

Hitchhikers (watched about sevens mins). Douglas Adams spent years of his life stressed by getting this made. You end up with a silly series of sketches which might appeal to an eight year old boy with a poor sense of humour. Ok perhaps that's true to the original, but jesus make it better (starsk and hutch per exempio)

The Interpreter (five mins). Cod serious thriller about UN with Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman. All shady african states and tortured plotting. Meant to be intelligent which means stupid AND boring.

Be Cool (fifteen mins). John Travolta and Una Thurman sequel to the acclaimed Get Shorty. A rubbish collection of derivative scenes linked together with all the wit of a pupil written school play. Not funny, sexy, cool, or in any way good. Why must black Americans in films be constantly denigrated and limited to being entertainers or gangsters, with the occasional judge thrown in to put the cherry on the racism cake. Like with anti-semitism not only are african americans systematically discrimated against, with a horrific history of oppression against them, they must also be portrayed as deserving of this hatred by showing them as sub-human clowns and criminals. Revolting.