May Day the war in Iraq response to response

Category: Art
Date: 04 May 2005


Point one: of course there could have been worse outcomes in Iraq; greater losses of life for examplle. The British zone has been relatively peaceful.

Point two: Opinion polls show that most Iraqis are glad Saddam has gone, They also don't like being occupied. I think they know best. A contradiction that getting rid of an evil dictator could only be accomplished by an immoral invasion.. Remember Hussein was responsible for mass murder of Kurds, invasion of Kuwait, and involved in a bloody war with Iran. He was not some benign despot. If you could turn history back, would you choose to put him back in power.

Point three: Liberal policies include a 50% rate of tax. Maybe that's good, but their policies definitely involve large tx rises, and that' not what this country wants. If the issue is War, and as you say the liberals have no chance of winning, and you want to protest, why aren't you voting Respect.