Human Attraction

From: Eva
Category: Life
Date: 19 May 2005


As it's unlikely that the scientific journal 'Nature' will accept the following theory, even if I wrote it up properly with a famous co-author, I'd like to air it here. Through careful observation and some research I've discovered a definite correlation between human to human attraction and mosquito to human attraction.

I have not yet found a human couple where both partners are equally beloved by mosquitos. I, for example, am a top mosquito delicacy and have discovered that I have never knowingly been physically attracted to someone who was also a mosquito magnet. The many people I've surveyed have confirmed that one partner is far more likely to get all the mosquito attention while the other is left untouched.

The conclusion is therefore that people give off a scent that is attractive to mosquitos, and this same scent is attractive to potential human partners. If you have such a scent then you're more likely to like the anti-mosquito scent someone else produces. So the best place to speed date would probably be in a swamp, so you don't even have to talk to someone but can judge by how many mosquito bites on their face whether they're likely to be a suitable mate.