Book: Moviemakersí Master Class

From: Eva
Category: Books
Date: 21 May 2005


Moviemakersí Master Class Private Lessons from the Worldís Foremost Directors By Laurent Tirard

Best book Iíve read this year. There are so many books you can buy to teach you how to write a screenplay or navigate your way through the commercial and technical aspects of production. This book contains narrated interviews with 20 directors such as Scorcese, Kusturica, the Coens, Godard etc. Each is tackling a standard set of questions (which we never see but can guess what they are from the answers) concerning how they decide where to position the camera, how they deal with their actors, how they perceive their relationship with their craft. Each has a very unique take, and though they often contradict each other they all seem to be right. Learnt more than I would in any film self-help book.