Risky Business a film 1983

From: J
Category: Films
Date: 01 June 2005


Surprising. Always said it was my favorite film, kinda ironically speaking yanno, I liked the plot about a teen Tom Cruise setting up a successful brothel in his parents house while ma and pa are away.

Watched again for the first time in a long long while and hey waddya know, the film is actually not just plottishly outstanding but a visual master (batory?)piece. Nah. Joking. With the aid of a wide screen tv I could see the aesthetic perfection of RB: balance symmetry sly symbolism hyperreal americana youth commodified.

Forget the usual criticisms of Hollywood's prostitutes ie they're a sexist fantasy, because all Hollywood is ugly rich men's dreams. This film (with the intervention of it's producer David Geffen) allows itself to live up to its "sometimes you just have to say what the fuck" motto, by rewarding the immorality of our Cruisean hero Joel giving him a place at Princeton (?). This is the beginning of the roaring 80s, Thatcher Reagan, the end of history, the fall of the wall, the beginning of our wonderful amoral super materialist post historical mania.

Did I mention that this is both Cruise and De Mornays best film or the beautiful music by Tangerine Dream.. that beat should be the soundtrack of everyones life.