Body waxing in London and beyond

Category: Life
Date: 01 June 2005


The Oasis Facial, Body & Tanning Treatments, 84 Lower Marsh SE1. Clean, friendly and reasonably priced (half leg, bikini and underarm waxing for £29). The Aussie beautician was nice and we chatted about the countries sheís ticked off her to see in Europe list. She said her boss was one of the nicest people she knows, which counts for a lot. Itís busy there so popping in without an appointment not so easy.

The worst beauty salon Iíve been to in London is Be Beautiful on Clapham Common South Side. The beauticians themselves were nice but the place was dirty, dingy, hot and the one time I was unfortunate enough to be waxed by the proprietor I got a lecture on how long Iíd left it since my last wax (2 months, not such a big deal I thought). Then the wax was too hot and left me with scarring that took two years to fade. They also take credit card numbers for phone booking and repeat them out loud in the reception waiting area for all to hear. During our wax chats the girls I talked to were not that happy working there. Havenít been for a while, so maybe itís improved (doubt it).

Best waxing experience was in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where they use a kind of Aloe Vera melted putty rather than wax and cotton strips. This smelt nice and peeled off relatively painlessly. I donít know why they havenít developed that in London.

Most zealous waxing experience was in Greece, where the friendly woman was EXTREMELY thorough, and insisted on waxing my Ďmoustacheí (I donít have one! well it never bothered me before) and plucked my eye brows to within a hair of their line.