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University Challenge audition, ITV HQ, St. Paul's,  Friday 20th May 2005

From: Remi
Category: TV
Date: 03 June 2005


Was meant to go for a memorial for the people we dissect in our anatomy classes. Except they're not really people anymore; I've already talked about it. But their families were all there.

But I decided to go with my university audition team. The 'B' team went on the train before us, they were our stunt doubles. Got to know one another. People pointed out their homes along the way. Read the newspaper, and boned up on some general knowledge.

Didn't feel that nervous, because you couldn't really revise for it. Although we talked about 'Four weddings and a funeral', and funnily enough that was our first question. Morphic resonance, anyone?

We complained about the price of lunch at the South Bank. One of the team was told off by security for taking away an Evening Standard without paying in the foyer.

Felt a bit nervous in the building. Showed our badges to the security man who looked away and scowled.

Sat in a big room with another team, they were all male and suited. We thought they were Oxbridge; they were London Business School.

Did our 40 question test, and I wrote down notes. Won't be able to do that on the day. Spoke to the question-writers. They asked us lots of questions, but it would have been more helpful to ask them lots of questions. What are your favourite books, for example.

There are lots of questions about France. I made a joke earlier about them doing the quiz in French. And sure enough there were several French-themed questions. Let's sell the show to the French.

Went to the pub afterwards, and all paid for our drinks separately.

Hey, ho London.

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