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star wars: revenge of the sith       8/6/2005

From: anon
Category: Films
Date: 08 June 2005


i can't claim to be a starwars fan. watched the first three films as a kid and they kindof sank in, which is why i turned up for the latest offering.

after the sith in the cinema i went home and plowed straight on with the story... a new hope.... a much slower film, in which the camera angles are a great deal more intimate, even in combat scenes, lets the person watching really get into the scene, rather than feeling like a distant viewer. the characters even spend time chatting and playing chess on the millenium falcon between destinations, all nessasary character development as opposed to the sith: boom boom boom, plot plot plot, this happens and then that happens and then someone says this because they need to have said it for the film to tie in with the next.

the latest star wars offering sheds any attemt at producing character development or a decent script and replaces it with action, the camera panning over strange landscapes, entire armies, lush futuristic appartments.... and the only point to the plot would seem to be a neat tie up of every loose end between the second and the fourth. too neatly if you ask me... every single box is ticked in such an obviously contrived way. the film serves as a bridge between two films rather than a film in itself.

having said that, the first scene of the film.. a chaotic battle, is absolutely beautifully animated, and took my breath away.

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