Terrorist Ataack on London

From: london report
Category: Life
Date: 07 July 2005


Life seems an inappropriate review category. But happily Death is not a choice.

I woke up at midday today, having ignored suspiciously early phone ringings, to find the Olympic joy of yesterday had been destroyed. I am caught between fear, horror, sympathy, and the creepy thrill of the spectacle. The leaders with their dignified statements, the police and ambulance people implementing their rehearsed plans, the news services blanket coverage, there is awe that the arms of capitalism's organism seem so coordinated as it defends itself against the violent assault against its body.

Al Quaeda, if it be they, have attacked London, in the way that all we over-imaginative tube travellers dreaded. A red bus opened up like a tin can. Tube passengers, dressed smartly for work, with sooty faces. And there is obscenity in even using metaphors so early, for it seems shallow to attempt to summon up second-hand news with little time for it to establish meaning.

And in the slum/suburbs due for renovation by sport, the cars race by as usual on rainy roads.