Re: Women have lower pain barrier

Category: Art
Date: 07 July 2005


I mentioned my views to a male colleague who does a lot of martial arts, and he said in his direct experience women were not as able to stand such things as Chinese burns. I don't think this proves much.

I think for as many occasions as women complain when they have bad internal pains, there are as many occasions when they will go into work and continue through their pain for fear of looking unprofessional or weak. If you're in pain there's nowhere to go to hide from it, so you might as well be at work (if you can spend half an hour in an anonymous toilet tearing up a tissue and beating your head if it gets really bad). I have no experience of really chronic pain, but it doesn't strike me the people doing the research mentioned in the article were looking into that kind of pain. I think men and women who have to deal with surges in pain on a regular level are better to cope than others, and most women between 13 and 50 have to do that. It's interesting to see the way men and women catch the flu, a lesser pain. Men may be able to take more Chinese burns but are more likely to take the day off work due to flu.