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From: met
Category: TV
Date: 15 July 2005


Everyone is at pains to say the terrorists win if we, the British, become divided and British Muslims are attacked, abused, suspected. Some representatives of British Muslims, say that young British Muslims are angry because of the suffering of Muslims in Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan.

Politicians are always worried about disorder and rioting. Young white racists will be feeling emboldened. Their culture (?) is now really under attack, they can think.

Young British Muslims are not said to be angry about many Muslims tortured, killed, and tyrannized by their fellow Muslims in pretty much every one of the muslim dictatorships (ie almost all majority Muslim countries). My suspicion is that fundamentalist Muslim leaders and their followers, rather like the US Christian right, agitate about certain issues, using the discourse of liberal democracy, whilst having nothing but contempt for liberal pluarlism, and with the not so secret wish for theocracy.

In some ways British multiculturalism does seem like a bright and beautiful thing worth being proud about, but it does not mean we should fail to argue against, or intellectually pander to those who hate and wish to destroy it (racists, religous bigots etc). All fundamentalist religion is against the secular democratic state, and it is stupid and dangerous to pretend otherwise. Religion, in all its irrational stupid glory, must not be seen at the last resort (a holiday from reason) for the disenfranchised or the dissatisfied, politics (sans God) should be the place for the proletariat to seek revolution.

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