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Re: Spencer Bronwstone Gallery: Red White Blue Group Show, Summer...

Category: Art
Date: 29 July 2005


The above review uses very interesting words. Is the reviewer a gallery owner or working for the marketing and public relations department of a gallery in America? If they are I don't think World Wide Review should be used to hype exhibitions uncritically.

I think its worrying to hear artists spoken about as if the only think of importance is how cool they are. Beer companies, lifestyle brands would be very sympathetic to these kinds of ideas. Maybe the artists he speaks about offer themselves up and want to be digested completely. Being so "cool" maybe being exploited matters less than being seen.

What does being "hot on the scene" really mean? The whole implication seems to be that art is a secondary activity to being "hot on the scene". Why can't we see a show of older artists, geriatric artists who aren't in any scene. If art has a future they are the triumphant gold medalists.

If Cezanne were painting now I'm sure he'd be totally forgotten about. He arrived at art late in life and was reclusive and committed. He knew about the history of his craft and worked methodically from stroke to stroke. An artist like Basquiat is more easily referenced because graffiti is supposed to outside the culture never mind the fact that its appropriated by all and sundry including Nike and others.

"Rising star New York artists." "The salon hanging packs a punch." "Many young up-and-coming art makers." "The opening night brought out hundreds of people who overflowed the gallery and filled the street with an impromptu block party, making for a classic art “scene and be seen” event." "The show includes well known younger artists already hot on the scene."


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