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Re: Base Camp Balata, an exhibition at The Spitz Gallery Lond...

From: SF
Category: Art
Date: 29 July 2005


JJ, unlike your fatuous and stupid assumptions, my only assumption relates to your identity. If my assumption is correct (which I suspect is the case) then I know you are Jewish through your genealogy as you have expressly acknowledged this. Rather than wasting time posing germane questions, why don't you just make clear to WWR readers whether or not you are Jewish? ... So, are you Jewish?

Your snowballing decline into further personal and hysterical attacks is an indication of your irrationality and lack of clarity. The question raised in the final paragraph of your most recent contribution illustrates the nonsensical and unintelligent nature of your remarks. My ethnic identity is not "presumed" as you state in your last paragraph. Unlike you I am quite clear about my ethnic identity and am not afraid or embarrassed to disclose it.

It is hardly surprising that prefacing a review of an exhibition with a wholly unconnected and hysterical remark would invite criticism and raise the question as to why you would choose to open your review with such a charged and emotive comment. Indeed, why should one be offended by the exhibition if one is Jewish? Nonetheless, is such offence a possible reaction and does it explain the impertinent, opening paragraph of your review about assuming all people of Jewish origin are zionist and comparing that to people of Chinese origin being supporters of Chinese state communism?

I do not presume that Jewish people are a priori biased, as you have claimed. Why don't you try to comprehend the comments made about your review rather than attempting to mount blood boiling and self righteous responses? In response to your remark that you find it annoying that "Jewish people's views on Israel are often discounted as biased and not worth listening to" and your question as to what "research" I have done into such bias, my experience of the majority of Jewish people I spoke with in Israel (which was a fair number) is that their views are strongly biased. In England, my experience has generally been the same except that the bias swings in both directions, that is, views have been critical as well as supportive of Israel.

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