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Brit Pop BBC 4

From: Jesus Jones
Category: TV
Date: 17 August 2005


I watched BBC fours doc on Brit Pop last night. 10 years later I see the music scene in the same boat as it was in 1995. We have similar bands; Embrace Starsailor, Snow Patrol and Keane that have carried on from the indie circuit of the 90s.Some Brit pop bands maybe extinct but a small pocket of reptiles carry the torch for longevity; Oasis, Echobelly and I guess to some degree Blur.

I watched the repeat of the show hosted by Blurs frontman was in a style of Saturday morning viewing for kids in the genre of Look-in, swap shop and perhaps even Blue Peter. It just seemed to be like a your trendy youth culture programme or maybe it is my age. The bands played on with the Brit pop style a retro of the 60s bands like the Kinks, Small Faces etc. Blur’s ‘Country House’ is like a Chase and Dave song on ecstasy pretty crap really, seeing as it got to number 1 after all that prime time hype with the battle of the bands. Sadly Oasis didn’t appear on the show, I personally think Liam would have punched all their lights out! Elastica, Justine band who appeared right after Blur is like your sixth form clique club. The music carries on; Gene, Marion, Pulp, Echobelly and the fuelled powder’You feel crackie jack with rats on your back’ what the F*@k was that all about?

It started off well but by the time Labour got on board the ship was sinking. It was all about hype, just don’t believe the media truth.

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