Supernatural, Ghosts, Hauntings and Orbs

From: Mike
Category: Life
Date: 17 August 2005



Have you ever glimpsed something in the corner of your eye? Have you ever seen small blue or black orbs that disappear as soon as look again? Dark shadows that slowly move across walls? Objects in your home that disappear without trace for hours or days then return? Jumbled voices in one ear that are not your own?

It is not that I am a skeptic or a believer in the supernatural but I believe that many people in the world have had experiences with the above. I find it interesting that I may have seen things that are not really there, or maybe depending how we perceive what we see is real or unreal.

Take for example; I was walking in my local woods on a Autumns afternoon when the sun is was slowly setting and the light was golden, there was no wind, the brown leaves scattered the dry mud path. I thought I saw a person on a bike coming towards me, so I positioned myself off the path next to a trunk of a tree so I could let the cyclist past. After a few seconds of no bike passing I walked back on to the path only to find that there was no one there. It confused me because I actually believed that in front of me was a person on a bike, I even heard and saw the leaves rustle as the bike came forth. Thinking back it was more of a dark shape but I did feel at the time it was a bike.

A similar experience happened in 1995 when I went for a walk in Alderley Edge in the winter. Again it was the afternoon on a dry and crisp weekday, when a great deal of people do not go for country walks.Alderley is well known for witchcraft and other occult leanings. It just so happened on this day I was walking on the westside of the woods when I spotted another person walking on opposite path going in the same direction. Thinking back he seemed to be a dark figure maybe walking his dog. I thought to myself that I was liking the walk to be peaceful and not wanting to be disturbed, I thought about taking another route. I glanced again at this figure as it walked past a tree, I glanced again and he had disappeared. I looked around to see where he had gone to but there was no one in sight, he wasn’t even behind the tree.

Another unexplained scene came when my brother and I were sitting watching TV in the winter on a wet and windy night. It was about 10.00 when from the corner of my eye i saw a large dark shape moving across from where I was sitting, it slowly moved off across the wall towards the fire place, then past the TV and then out of the house. My brother saw this event happen and to the life of us we could not find out why this happened. Though I found out later while I had been at Uni that my mother was using the weegie board. Other strange things happened in the late 90s like rapping on walls and objects moving then returning.

I could think of many other strange unexplained images, feelings and haunts that happened, but I would unsettle the reader so I will stop here.