It's All About Love

From: Simpson
Category: Films
Date: 05 September 2005


It's All About Love 2003

It's All About Love is the story of two lovers and their attempts to save their relationship in a near-future world on the brink of cosmic collapse... Joaquin Phoenix stars as John who is waiting for his wife Claire Danes (Elena) to to sign the divorce papers. She is a world class ice skater with a mental disorder or drug habit. The family is like the mafia, with a underlining plot to change the course of John's future and his wife's.

This is where it all gets messy, set in 2020 when the world is having strange climate problems, flying uganda people weighted down by chains, two minute freezing, snow in Summer and love heart deaths. Yes it gets confusing certainly amusing with the character of Sean Penn as Marciello the brother of John's. Marciello is afraid of flying and has been drugged but canít get back down to earth, he just keeps on flying, really silly.

Elena has body doubles made so she can escape from the riggers of promotional work, I wonder if Britney does that?

Basically the film is a flop, it is trying to be clever but fails on many counts. The plot, well there isnít one - just a jumble of scenes edited together to confuse the viewer. Pretentious, trying to foreign but more like a undergraduate film of grandiose yawns.