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My life in a Bubble - an exhibition by Jo Bradford - London and touring

From: Don Durden
Category: Art, Exhibitions, Life
Date: 14 September 2005


In this series of photographs, Jo Bradford captures that moment before the bubble bursts with hyper-real clarity; freezing in time these rare moments of order. Bradford patiently waits for those orbs which survive their conception and journey, to come to rest on other natural elements that surround her existence, such as a blade of grass or a leaf, where they are then ‘captured’ by her lens. Time around the bubble is stopped, and that tenuous moment of it existence is preserved forever, perfect whorls in the chaotic river of reality. The bubble surface; swirling eddies of torrid colours, a rainbow slick of petrol on water, their delicate surface tension constantly under threat.

Reflected upon the bubble, hidden in the play of colours on it’s surface, are personal scenes from Bradford’s life. These characters entering and leaving the locations she inhabits have a mystical quality when viewed through this portal. The connotation with the Wicked Witch of the North viewing Dorothy through the portal in her cauldron, further intensifies one’s awareness of the frailty of existence, already implanted by the perception of the surface tension of the bubble itself. As if depth is the key to the superficial existence of the bubble and the idea of life itself: both fragile and short lived. Want to see? Visit

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