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The Photogapher's Gallery no. 8 and no. 5 Great Newport Street London Oct-Nov.

From: Moany
Category: Art
Date: 12 October 2005


The Photographer’s Gallery is as usual not so very interesting. No. 5 Great Newport Street has some black and white photos that were found in American government agencies etc. these were complied by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel in 1977, and what ever interest they were then they are of less interest now. The photographs show various experiments in lab like rooms, as well as men being handcuffed, and men in suits staring at stuff. So what do we have – another question put to the viewer.

No. 8 Great Newport Street contains a series of black and white photographs laid on white paper lined up along the wall right around the space. They are small and you have to peer at them. They are taken from a German news paper and so as you go along you will realise this, you will see familiar faces and events. This is by Isa Genzken. Again we have to be puzzled and ask a series of question whys, but I don’t think there is any point in asking why because no one wants to give an answer. So perhaps we could just look at them and enjoy them. Not me, they are boring.

So as usual people like to provoke some kind of vague question, some curiosity, but these feeling lack any sense of urgency. Its as if every one is too indifferent to commit to any thing, be any thing, say anything. Or may be it just is too risky to be wrong.

The café is nice and quite and usually empty.

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