Julian Schnabel at Robilant and Voena London

From: gallery reviews
Category: Art
Date: 20 October 2005



Another upstairs. And here we find all our favourite well-turned out rich people. It was funny catching sight of JS at the Chapman bros opening, wonder how he feels about that. Why do we like rich people (as thought they are beautiful), listen to them patiently (as though they are precocious children), and speak in lowered voices round them (as thought they are libraries)? Because they have money to buy stuff from us, or for us. It is repulsive that they are important, very important people for the reason alone of their money, and more revolting that we/they pretend otherwise. There is nothing special about them save their capital, and that is the only thing that matters and makes meaning in this entire stinking thinking damn world.

Schanbels paintings give a little pleasure with their carefree figuration and the occasional charming gesture.