notting hooligans

From: social report
Category: Life
Date: 22 November 2005


notting hooligans. public/private/pubic schoolboys: white trousers, overcoat, lots of puffy or gelled hair, tall, not much facial hair, pink cheeks. girls same in more contemporary clothes. occasionally drunk or drugged.

student level: all same insistent voices discussing newspaper issues in restaurants, telling stories of trips to india, etc. like mini versions of their parents but more reactionary. skinny, clean, dull clothes vaguely country middle aged , the strain of confomity showing on their pinched faces.

older level: various gents, pros, dames, and others the natural progression of aforementioned. some end up environmentalists others solicitors and bankers, dress cordorouy or as appropriate to function.

The combined above notting holligans create a spiritual shriek (often a literal one too) as terrifying as a bunch of teenagers with fireworks on the top deck of a bus.