Ticket touting at Bob Dylan concert, 21.11.05 Brixton Academy

From: Remi
Category: Music
Date: 23 November 2005


Didn't have tickets but went down to take a look with a great artist of the age. He thought that we might be able to get two tickets for 25 but the touts laughed at us for even suggesting a 'pony'. Other people also hung around. One man wanted a ticket at face value but the touts were brutal in extracting 5 and selling them on for 20 times this. Instant kapitalsim, Bobby would have been proud.

I was pleased with the experience of getting close to Bob Dylan, feeling him in the air, Dylan aficionados, fancy hair-dos, Greenwich village cafe at bottom of road. We settled for Nando's throwing in some complimentary beers care of not the establishment. Some other touts were sitting at the table near our's and recognised us as failed concert-goers. They were louts but nice enough. When we left people were coming out of the concert and now people were selling t-shirts and posters. What an entourage.