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amazon - can this be real?

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Date: 25 November 2005


Our 3-in-1 Raised Toilet Seat offers a light-weight and easy to move seat that promises comfortable seating, easy cleaning and most importantly an independent lifestyle for those who wish to remain self-reliant.

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Good idea, bad design, January 7, 2004

My wife bought me this product for my 80th birthday last month. I was very excited at first because I unfortunately, like many other older folks, often feel a need to defacate while I am taking a shower. On occasion I just can't hold it in, and my feces gets on the shower floor, and then my feet and the carpet. I was really hoping that this product would be the answer to my embarassing problem.

Unfortunately it is not. What the designer seemed to forget is that, when a person is going to the bathroom in the shower, the shower's water continues to flow. The problem was this -- The first time I used this product was just after eating a large meal from Hardees. I had the three piece fried chicken and biscuits and some onion rings and an apple pie. Big mistake. I got home and wanted to shower, and sure enough, I suddenly needed to use the toilet, and I gave the 3-in-1 a go. For a minute or two it seemed ok, and I started to clean my nether regions. But then, suddenly, I looked down and realized that the shower water had filled up the seat's receptacle area, and all of my Hardee's was overflowing onto me and the shower. This was the exact problem I hoped to avoid with this product, if not worse.

So anyway, this product clearly is not well designed and I was very disappointed in it. I am continuing to look for another product that will allow me to shower and defacate comfortably at the same time if necessary. Also, does anyone know if there are any other similar products that would allow a person to defacate while driving or mowing the lawn??

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