Imagine a world... art show by Amnesty Bargehouse London

From: arts reviews
Category: Art
Date: 25 November 2005



Part of Amnesty's campaign to stop violence against women, they've managed to pull off an entertaining show in a fantastic space. Guerilla girls, the star turn, reprise their Venice show, but what makes it is the scope of the building with staircases going up up up and rooms that are not too self-consciously originally featured and rough brick. Lapper was there, and she looked grumpy, her art is kitsch photography which I like in its refusal to be dead-pan like most contemporary art photos. There was a performance by Farquhar which some officious person kept shushing us for because we were in the vicinity chatting, that seemed a bit bourgeois. Lots of charitable types were running around in green armbands which was obviously part of the campaign.A few armbands were smoking, illicitily or illegally on a staircase. The beers were hard to find. O'Dwyer presented doodles of dictators, some of whom were distinguishable by their head gear, perhaps that is the point, the triumph of the sartorial over the political. Emin had a large print with fuck and a vagina on it, and that was all right. Vines's painting were pleasingly brushy. there were installations too,eg a glass alone shattered in a room, but I don't know who did them. The whole is more than it's parts, so to speak.

artists include (note the inegalitarian non-alpahabetical hierarchical listing taken from the Amnesty website): Guerrilla Girls Tracey Emin Alison Lapper Marc Quinn Grayson Perry Stella Vine Illustrious Co: Martyn Ware & Vince Clarke Marcia Farquhar Shane Waltener Jemima Burrill Catherine Bertola Grace Ndiritu Jet Anat Ben-David Josefine Engstrom, Karin Hoffstedt & Cecilia Lindgren Jeroo Roy Gali Timen O Zhang Michael Lisle-Taylor House of O'Dwyer Sion Parkinson Elaine Tribley