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flashman by george madonald fraser

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From: humphrey
Category: Books
Date: 11 December 2005


Flashman lauded by fogeys, it is an entertaining read. Heartening the poltically incorrect ,colonial context for cover, therefore autentihc and fun talk of niggers and rapes, we can all applaud macdonalds lack of inhibitions, but wonder if the audience for this ali Gesque wit is really just racist and sexist rather than in on the irony. Flashman is the bully from Tom Brown's schooldays, and Macdonald, pace Stendhal et al, wrings pleasure from the spectacle of craven cowardice being mistaken for heroism. That, a rip roaringish pace, and the nasty stuff for dumbo bigots disguised as PG wodehouse or kingsley amis, is pretty much all.

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