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Date: 20 December 2005



ukiyo-e means images of the floating world, originating from the city of edo (1603- 1867, now tokyo). history lesson over. they are the ravishing japanese images which kick aesthetic ass. the floating world, the shallow spectacle of urban life, the city slickers painting the town red, the fashionistas, the celebs, the glamour and glitter and sex and shitter of the shitty city. All the beautiful miseries which we suffer. Oh Buddhists, the illusion is all.

This book would make a good Christmas gift, unwrap the floating world in your grotty cold sitting room, and escape to Edo. I get a bit bored with the phaidon orange of the chaper heading pages, but that apart it has the usual qualities, biggish picture, decent informative intro, and nice paper.

They are one of the only art traditions that offers challenge to western figuration. Discuss.