Re: new art magazine

From: blp
Category: Art
Date: 19 January 2006


a paper mag. I understand the problem of getting good writers from my own adventures in publishing. but there are one or two decent scribes biding time at Frieze where they're simply not allowed to let rip. Perhaps they might be glad of the outlet and contribute for free. other than that, the wwr site could act as a hot house for generating reviews with the best ones making it into the mag - perhaps getting the authors to tighten up the writing/expand/condense where necessary. other content could consist of interviews. pictures would be good - almost goes without saying. But here on wwr, I'm happy with the format and don't think you should change it.

I suppose what I'm thinking of would be something anarchic where the constraints and conventions of the art market aren't a consideration and where the spirit of genuine art enthusiasms could therefore be reflected. wwr's a good start. the tone's right.