Gilbert and George at White Cube Gallery London

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Category: Art
Date: 25 January 2006


I couldn't be bothered to see G and G as I might have mentioned in a past review. But was in the area so did. A young woman outside was on her mobile phone saying how excited she was to be going to White Cube, she was startingwork in a couple of hours, and she had never been there before, and wow it was gilby and george showing. So put that in your cynical pipe and smoke it.

There work was as predicted, predictable. Them in polarised mode, or turned up contrast, some bright colours, with crucifixes and the like, and funny rude slogans. Like big posters. Made me think. Not much.

Looking out of the upstairs window of the Cube, hoxton square looked pretty and wintry, as I imagine Paris perhaps, and I thought clever mr Jopling, you chose a good location.