everyones got it wrong about Big Brother

From: tv critic
Category: TV
Date: 25 January 2006


The dumbo moralists have got it wrong, like a crowd of schoolchildren not seeing past appearances:

Preston is a rat-like bully, not even that, he's an ugly part of the mob, the kind who joins in the kicking, when he thinks that's that he can get away with it. A two-faced weakling, and dangerous with it: the sort who back up fascists.

Galloway and Pete Burns are intelligent and articulate and don't bullshit. They say what they think, therefore we are meant to dislike them because they are rude and arrogant. In fact they are something rarely seen on tv: independent minded people with voices.

Dennis Rodman is another who sees through the crap, moralism, and silliness.

Traci is what pete burns described her as. Barrymore a tragic selfpitying bore. And Maggot, ok, but got it wrong through hsi hypersensitivity. Chantelle a nebbish, not even charming.

So the few will understand and the many will believe what they're told.