where the truth lies a film by Atom Egoyan

From: marker
Category: Films
Date: 07 February 2006


Flaccid reviews of this film had meant it had not remained upright in my mind. The unusual coupling of Kev Bacon and Col Firth, the switching between 50s and 70s, and the peculiar cocktail of genres, and the kinky sex (so much more disgusting than filthy violence), mean you are never sure where you are with this movie. Appropriate, eh, given the punning title.

Yes it's too good to be a big success, a film noir with non black and white characters, a mystery which spins you round, an arresting performance by the red haired siren Alison Lohman, Firth liberated from Bridget Jones, and even Bacon bringing it home. Worth your fistful of dollars.