Pallindromes, a film (on dvd)

From: blp
Category: Films
Date: 09 February 2006


Think I remember someone being a bit sniffy about this, but whoever they were, they were utterly wrong. It's so good. Amazingly good. Amazing that the author of Happiness, a truly shit film, could be so much better just two films on.

Lots of different actressess play the same teenage girl, which is incredibly fun to watch for a start. Every single one of them is good and I think one of them, the one who doesn't talk, is actually a boy. The story is hilariously, relentlessly awful and cruel, like something out of Nathaniel West. I won't spoil it, but it involves Christian cripples dancing with microphone headsets, criminal anti-abortionism and under-age anal sex. The Christian stuff in particular is brilliantly painful. I can't say anymore without being boring or giving too much away.