Northern Ireland Truth and Reconcilliation with Desmond Tutu and Alan Dershowitz on Newsnight

From: blp
Category: Other stuff
Date: 08 March 2006


Very moving, shed a few tears etc., but the thing that stands out with a few days' distance is how forgiving people were towards IRA men - a general acceptance that they weren't criminals and, implicitly, but unavoidably, the possibility that what they did was not only necessary, but effective.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to try to demonise its adversaries with shrill calls for 'balanced reporting' of a completely unbalanced situation. And in the midst of this, like some freaky double agent out to completely shred Zionism's last vestiges of credibility, the one-man horror show that is Alan Dershowitz appears on Newsnight arguing for democracies around the world to commit wholeheartedly to torture - not just torture, but torture as a PRE-EMPTIVE measure, if you please, especially one that can be used to grind down the beleagured Palestinians even more and Oh, but doesn't it just make you want to torture his priggish, bigotted, clever little clogs right up his tortuous little arse.