Santiago Sierra turns ex-synagogue into Gas Chamber in Germany

From: art news
Category: Art
Date: 13 March 2006



Hmm, very provocative. Is Sierra good because he makes you wonder what the most effective remembrance is? Recreation. Is that the point? Obvious distaste. But then what is the rest of memorialization meant to do, but somehow take you back to the horror in your imagination using images, words, or installation. Poetry after auschwitz. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and recreating the gas chamber is sadism art lite. Theatre for kicks. Bad/good art can make you think, and thinking is good. Just for fun imagine the most offensive contemporary art possible, betting you it will be here soon. Memorials are shit to let you forget as the adolescent said to the teacher. Don't be so stupid, real history with books tables, facts, stories, numbers, details is wonderfully, beautifully, actually, airily, amazingly, cryingly, sadly, thought provoking.