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The New Yorker Magazine should be burnt cos it is disgusting shit

From: J
Category: Art
Date: 24 March 2006


Po-faced hagiographical faux-intellectual crap. There is no humour in this magazine(except the cartoons). There is no politics (except wish washy MSM east coast accepted values). There is nothing shocking or really critical (although the reviews obviously maintain a semblance of critique). The worst thing is the sheer banality of the prose in the ,readers digest on coke, factual pieces, and the worship of powerful and successful people in the puke makingly ass lickingly lovingly worshipful profiles.

eg in an article on Tobias Meyer an auctioneer "Meyer's stylishness and phyisical beauty are legendary in art and design circles, and can reduce even experts on such matter to near-incoherence." and looking at Meyer's apartment " to stand in it for any length of time is to rebuke oneself for the conventionality of one's own taste."

This is the typical formula: we are told how amazing the subject is, how great they look, what prodigious feats they have accomplished, how rich and fabulous their lifestyle /apartment/wife/husband/lover/ dog/ ski chalet/ranch is/ how as a child they were brilliant and unusual/ how they went to Harvard and edited/ wrote/ dazzled aged 16/ how all their famous friends love and admire them/ and how unique they are in their field.

Why the puff? To make access to more celebs easier. Because it pleases the advertisers that we should believe in this upscale dream of gilded Randian individuals and buy our designer clothes and cars to feel part of it. Because in Amerika, success really is believed to be a beautiful show of merit, and rewarded excellence, rather that fate's trawl through the ranks of the pushy. Because this is our faith.

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