the decalogue by Kieślowski

From: mucks
Category: Films
Date: 28 March 2006



Saw the one about the impotent guy on BBC4 last night. And was interested to see if they were as good as I remember, originally having seen them as a teenager late at night on a small tv set( a common story of good art jumping out the shadows at one).

It held up. Big time. Exquisitely precise in every shot. Like some masterpiece of painting, where the beauty of technique is so dazzling to seem tricksy, tiepolo perhaps. One wonders when watching it, why most films are so tediously banal in imagery, has no one learnt from this. Then one thinks what enormous effort of thought and planning must have gone into each perfect beautiful sequence. The plot's not bad, melancholy like a good short story.

so so so good. must watch the rest sometime