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From: Nadine
Category: Music
Date: 31 March 2006


Prince has returned to form in 2006 with a no 1 smash debut in the USA and no 9 entry on the UK chart. It seems the purple one has renewed the funk, that stands close to his 1982 album ‘1999’.

Since he reverted back to his name in early 2k his has had a string of highly successful tours. Last year his was number one selling tour artist in the world cashing in with a 90 million turnover.

Prince’s new cd ‘3121’ is commercial album with lots of hooks, retro gimmicks and a slice of Camille.

The first track ‘3121’ simply starts of like a Camille track from the mid 80s (to those who don’t know the name , Camille was first heard on a 1987 B-side single ‘Shockadelica’, originally intended to be released on ‘Camille’ 8 track LP in 1986. The track also is a funk workout inviting people to party at his house in LA, the song reverts back to; The Exodus has begun; 1994 era and also ‘Jam of The Year’ 1996.

‘Lolita’ track sort of takes us back to the early days of The Time 1980-82 ie ‘Wild and Loose’, ‘7779311’and ‘Cool’. The Time was Prince’s side kick band produced by Jamie Starr (Prince) later seen in the smash film ‘Purple Rain’ 1984 . ‘Lolita’ also has elements of the song ‘Acknowledge Me’ 1994.

‘Te Amo Corazon’, ‘Black Sweat’ and ‘Fury’ are stand out tracks on this cd. ‘Te Amo Corazon’ is a slow paced ballad with some excellent guitaring while ‘Black Sweat’ is powerful bare bones funk track in the mould of ‘Kiss’ 1986. ‘Fury’ which was played at the Brit Awards 2006 and is a rock number in the style of ‘Peach’ 1993.

Other tracks on the CD are very similar to his 2nd NPG cd ‘New Power Soul’, mostly RnB numbers. ‘Satisfied’ is like his early ballads of the 1990s. ie ‘Insatiable’ from Diamonds and Pearls 1991. ‘Get On The Boat’ sounds very similar to the title track of his 2004 cd ‘Musicology’.

On the whole it is a well constructed album, not his best, not his worst. ‘3121’ is a commercial return to a man who lives in music.

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