aix en provence, monday 10 april

From: Remi
Category: Life
Date: 11 April 2006


walking around aix is most pleasant; especially if you have just won back your passport, driving license and coat from the marseille gare st. charles for the tidy sum of 9 euros. does making people pay for items in lost property encourage people to hand them in and also people think twice when they leave stuff on trains because they were too rapt in immunology? an interesting feature of french consumer life. give it a go on london underground.

marseille is majestic in its crumbling glory; dilapÓdated buildings abound, people busying about regardless and some poor folk selling rubbish on street by coach station. maybe i could buy some and offer as gift to friends and foe alike. aix is neater and tidier with less people playing football in park but doing sensible things instead. like selling rotten saucissons all the way from manosque. They won't get away with it.

jean cocteau might have said that a blind man could find his way around aix by listening out for the fountains, but he certainly couldn't do the same by whiffing out boulangeries or patisseries. there were very few around, and many closed down. man may not live by bread alone but it's nice to have a home-made croissant when you can.

next stop the dermatologist who will tell me what he thinks of the dermatitis i've been developing for a little while.