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islington high street, upper st, whatever its called London England UK

From: city life
Category: Life
Date: 21 April 2006


The most hellish place on earth.. Outdoes Baghdad, a refugee camp in the palestinian territories, or Darfur. A consuming nightmare. The sewer, the ass hole, of every fucking shit middle-class/young old trendy person's chain restaurant ever imagined or existed. Mile after mile you walk down the rotten hard pavements past Porchetta pIzza, nandos ultimate burger, the organic hamburger union, square noodle, thai kebab universe, carloopios, crappucios, de sungos, the worlds best soup bar TM, love fish factory, patisserie pauline, noodo, upo, burger paradise etc et al ad nauseam.

I want to die and never eat again after the walk of shameful branding and appeal to people with too much spare cash for organic mince patties. Enough!, like some sickening display of degraded exploited prostitutes and sex shops(though even they have some character), except we are the victims, the consumers, consumed, by a horde of bullshit, all serving carelessly cooked shit pretending to be good food. Too much, overwhelming display of stupidity and cupidity, clip joints for the unwary, the stupid, the dumbos with nice cars, the worlds worst street because it is a mall without even the possibility of irony.

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